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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Thoughts: Turtles

Sometimes I think that if the world was full of Ali’s it would be a pretty awesome place. Granted there would be clothes strewn about and happy hours would consist of mozzarella sticks and boxed wine, but is that really such a bad thing?
The thoughts that run through my mind I can’t help but wonder why the heck that popped into my train of thought.  That's why I wanted to start a blog way back when. I wanted a place to share my random thoughts.
This is what I was thinking about this morning while on a snowy bus ride in to work. Driving down the interstate I see an open pond with what was most likely a rock with some snow on it, but my imagination suggested it could be a duck/goose butt sticking out of the water, cause ya know, they do that. Then I got to thinking I wonder how long ducks can stay under water? That thought quickly changed to turtles because I just learned turtles can breath out of their butts. You decide if that’s true or not.
So turtles…last summer I picked up a turtle and it immediately began peeing. Did I literally scare the piss out of this poor turtle or was it a defense mechanism to freak me out so I would put the turtle down? Do you think when a human picks up a turtle, or even your dog, they are like ‘wee! I’m so high I can see the top of the counter from here!’, or ‘do it again! I just moved at the speed of light!’
Then I thought, what if we were the size of turtles and something just came by and picked us up? Would that totes freak you out, or would you want them to do it again?

I think if that were to happen to me and all went smoothly that I’d welcome being picked up again. Maybe even spun around a time or two!

The next time you see someone smirk when they are sitting all alone, or riding the bus, try to imagine they are thinking they are the size of a turtle and being picked up by a human who is flying the turtle through the air like a toy airplane.  I’ll bet you’ll smirk too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reason Why I'm Lovin It

I mentioned last week that I got a new job. Now let me share with you some reasons why this job, so far, is a match made in career heaven.

1. Travel planning. I might not get to go to these really cool locations that I'm making travel arrangements for, but I do get to do all the planning which is kind of a hobby of mine. Nerd, I know. Right now I just finalized a trip to Paris. This meant checking out hotels, playing on Bing and Google maps, putting together itineraries etc. I dare you to Bing map Paris. Bing map the Banana Republic in Paris, I'm just using it as a reference point because I zoomed past it the other day while browsing the streets of Paris and falling in love with everything I saw. The buildings, the people, everything! Next up is Singapore. Will that be the next destination I crave to visit?

Streets of Paris via Bing maps
2. I get business cards. That means I'm a big deal. I've been an Administrative Assistant for about 9 years now and have never been allowed to have business cards. Now it's a requirement. I can't wait to hand those babies out!

3. The view. It's totes the shiz ya'll and I do not lie about that. I've shared several pictures, but what's one more going to hurt?

4. On my welcome blurb sent out to my team I shared that I have a Yorkie. Everyone here has Yorkies! If it's not a Yorkie, it's a dog of some sort, but I kid you not, 4 people have told me they have Yorkies. Then we get to share stories and pictures because we don't have kids to talk about. This means people don't make fun of my dog-that's-not-a-dog-dog-because-its-so-small. They even think the name is cute and fitting for a small fur ball. Yorkie owners/lovers unite!

5. Finally, one of the best things about this position is that I'm not sitting at the front desk answering phones all day. Some days my phone doesn't even ring! When I met with the recruiter that found me this position I said the number one thing I dislike about being an admin is being tied to the phones. She came through and found what I believe to be the perfect job fit for me.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Review: 4

Howdy! I had quite the Saturday funday that was totally not planned...and that's alright with me.

Friday was a typical Friday night. I had a couple drinks while catching up on some Bravo T.V. and went to bed nice and early. Why did I go to bed early on a Friday? Because I had big plans to get up, make a nice breakfast, work out and clean my room of course! That did not happen. Not one bit of it.

I managed to not get out of bed until my cousin Pam texted and suggested we get some mimosas. As a true lady I accepted her offer, but we never got mimosas. Her brother became a new dad so we met at the hospital to meet baby Theodore!

It's been a very long time since I've held such a 'fresh baby. I could seriously sit there and watch him forever even though he didn't really do anything. I'm such a sucker for babies. After we visited with the new parents and baby Theo we thought we should get going on our original plans, but since it was the lunch hour we went to the Bulldog NE for burgers and some Sociable Cider Werks cider.

Neither one of was had plans for the rest of the afternoon so we walked across the street to Whitey's while we chatted and planned out what we should do. The day was getting warmer so I suggested we go to Fulton and have a beer or two on the patio. Not totally realizing what time it was and that the Twins game just let out the brewery was hopping. We grabbed our beers and headed outside where we ran into my older sister, BIL and his brother. We don't hang out too often so it was nice to be able to sit with them and chat a little bit.

Pam and I talked about getting some food at Smack Shack since I had never been and she was a big fan of their Lobster Mac n' Cheese, but I had a 'date' that I was supposed to meet later. He was on his way to meet up with some buddies at Cowboy Jacks and suggested we just come there and if we want we can head to our original date location later. That never happened. He works with another cousin so Erin and Tony came out and met up with us to have a couple of drinks.

It was a very unexpected yet fun and family filled day.

Sunday I was dead on the couch and watched the last 5 episodes of The Following. So glad I'm caught up. Those were some good episodes and I'm really excited to see what happens tonight.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Photo Dump

Hidy ho neighbor-ino!
I've got a lovely phone dump for you since I haven't really shared much since I upgrade my phone from the 4 to the 5s iPhone. My apologies if you have seen some of these.
One day I decided to cook up some thick cut bacon. I then put it in mashed potatoes and brought it to cousins night. Mashed potatoes are my thing.
A few of the cousins from girl cousin night. We try to do this once a year and in the summer all the cousins/boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives come up to the cabins and we get weird for a couple of days.
I spy a little Miley looking at me. There is a chair on the other side of the wall that she sits on so she can get a better view of what I'm cooking in the kitchen. She'll sit there and talk to me until I give her attention. She is the neediest little bugger. But I love her :)
The view from my old office. Note: I had never had panorama on my iPhone 4 so I got a little obsessed.
On my last day of my old job, my ex boss let me leave at 8:30 AM. So, I swung by the liquor store and headed up north for what would be the first nice weekend of Spring. Big Ginger in a mason jar on the deck? Don't mind if I do!
Like I said, pano obsessed. Cabin and frozen lake (which is rumored to have water along the edge now! It's almost boating time, I can feel it!!!)
Homemade nachos I made for the family. It was quite heavenly honestly. Diced chicken with fajita seasoning, diced red onion, diced jalapeno (btw I just typed it halapeno...oops), over some tortilla chips, quick broil to get it all warm, toss on some shredded cheese and broil a couple minutes longer until cheese is melted and serve with your favorite salsa and sour cream. 
If you could sleep on arm rests you would too. Admit it.
My new favorite salad topper. A little bit goes a long way and it adds some nice crunch and flavor.
Twins home opener I walked around the area and Kierans patio was already filling up. It doesn't matter that people were still wearing hats and mittens to keep warm. It's Spring and baseball season. Which means it's also patio season.
Finally, this happened over lunch yesterday. The Twins were advertising $6 tickets so I bought one and hung out at the ball park for my lunch hour. $6 gets you in to the park. It doesn't mean you have to sit in your nosebleed seat in the shade. I found a spot near the flag pole where I could see pretty well and parked it for an hour. When I got there it was the bottom of the 1st and we were already down 4-0, then Kubel (who I'm so happy to see back) knocked one out of the park! When I got back to my desk I had a conference call so I watched the rest of the game where we tied it up in the bottom of the 9th and eventually lost in extra innings 7-4.
This could be a really awesome summer with frequent afternoon ball games over my lunch hour!