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Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Review: 5 and Easter

This past weekend flew by and I think I stood the whole dang time except to sleep.

First off, I did pretty good with my vow to not shop during lent. I broke the vow a tad early when I got an unexpected pay check and found myself browsing the Michael Kors watches at Saks Off 5th which happened to have a sale that ended that day so I splurged and got myself a congratulatory gift for getting the new job (run on sentences are my jam).
Since lent ended on Saturday I let myself go on a little shopping spree at the outlet mall and it was awesome. I walked away with some great new work clothes and shoes. Everyone was having monster sales. The GAP’s whole store was 50-70% off. I only walked out of there with two items (tip: AAA customers also get an extra 10% off at GAP Outlet if you show your card), one being the most perfect maxi skirt. It’s so comfortable and the perfect length.

This Easter was all under my control which I loved. From setting the table, buying and arranging the flowers, what platters to use and how I wanted all the food to taste, etc.

I started getting everything ready on Thursday by setting the dining room table and trying a gazillion table cloths and different napkin shapes. My mom would say that’s a big no-no because the plates, glasses and everything else on the table will get dusty. When you’re a one woman show, you don’t care about dust. You just want a pretty table.

Friday my OCD shined bright like a diamond as I sat down and sorted the jelly beans by color and made sure each egg held the exact same number and color of beans. We try to keep the candy consumption down so each person got two eggs with jelly beans, a Reese’s egg and a Cadbury egg.
Saturday was go-go-go after my shopping trip. I know the dogs were not happy with me because I was constantly going up and down the stairs and wouldn’t sit down so they could get some tummy rubbing time in. I made the most delicious salad dressing for our salad, cut up fruit, made some flower arrangements, colored my deviled eggs shells. It was a ton of work and I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who has ever hosted a nice sit down event at their house.

Sunday I set my alarm for 8:00 AM, hopped in the shower and immediately got to work on making my homemade au gratin potatoes. Every kitchen needs a mandolin. It makes slicing so much easier and prettier. The ham got its glaze and before I knew it 11:30 was here and guests were arriving. We ate just before noon and everyone seemed to enjoy the food and went back for seconds.

After everyone left mom, dad and I moved out to the deck where I actually got a little sun burn. It felt so surreal to be sitting outside in the sun in a skirt and sleeveless shirt when just a few days ago we got nearly a foot of snow and I had to break out my winter jacket again.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and/or weekend! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Once upon a time I got to play the Easter Bunny. It was the second best Easter I’ve had, after all the ones when I was a kid myself, of course.

My mom was always the best Easter Bunny (Santa and St. Nick) and would get really creative. One year the Easter Bunny left us a note from the Bunny himself and even attached part of his furry little cotton tail. I remember how excited I was that the Easter Bunny wrote us a note and  I wanted to re-create that moment for someone else.

The note went something like this.

Dear J:

Happy Easter! I had so much fun hiding the eggs around your house. Do you think you’ll find them all? You’re so clever, I bet you will!
I’m sorry you don’t get to see me, but I make my deliveries very early in the morning. Also, the Easter Bunny Rules say that kids aren’t allowed to watch me.

I hope you like your Easter basket. I filled it full of candy and little toys especially for you. It’s so fun to pick out things for good little boys and girls!

Please have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your family. I’ll be back again next year, hopping down the bunny trail to your house.


The Easter Bunny

While I played inside with this little lady, her Grandma and Dad were outside hiding the eggs and each egg would have a clue to where the next egg was and eventually where her basket was hidden. It was so much fun to hear her squee with excitement every time she found a new egg.

When I found out the truth about all these magical characters I was devastated. Little did I know, it’s almost more fun being the character and making the magic happen and creating memories for little ones.

Since I don’t have anyone to play Easter Bunny for anymore, this year I’m putting it on for my family and friends. Yes, I still live at home, which is all the more fun because I get to use all of my mom’s dishes, table cloths, candles, decorations, etc.

PS – The Easter Bunny is so magical you can get your little one to do anything. Even change into a special Easter dress to match the family. We did that and she once again squeed because the Easter Bunny picked out the dress just for her and it matched her dad and me.

I tell ya, these guys are magical no matter how old you are.

Happy Easter and a Good Friday to all

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Thoughts: Turtles

Sometimes I think that if the world was full of Ali’s it would be a pretty awesome place. Granted there would be clothes strewn about and happy hours would consist of mozzarella sticks and boxed wine, but is that really such a bad thing?
The thoughts that run through my mind I can’t help but wonder why the heck that popped into my train of thought.  That's why I wanted to start a blog way back when. I wanted a place to share my random thoughts.
This is what I was thinking about this morning while on a snowy bus ride in to work. Driving down the interstate I see an open pond with what was most likely a rock with some snow on it, but my imagination suggested it could be a duck/goose butt sticking out of the water, cause ya know, they do that. Then I got to thinking I wonder how long ducks can stay under water? That thought quickly changed to turtles because I just learned turtles can breath out of their butts. You decide if that’s true or not.
So turtles…last summer I picked up a turtle and it immediately began peeing. Did I literally scare the piss out of this poor turtle or was it a defense mechanism to freak me out so I would put the turtle down? Do you think when a human picks up a turtle, or even your dog, they are like ‘wee! I’m so high I can see the top of the counter from here!’, or ‘do it again! I just moved at the speed of light!’
Then I thought, what if we were the size of turtles and something just came by and picked us up? Would that totes freak you out, or would you want them to do it again?

I think if that were to happen to me and all went smoothly that I’d welcome being picked up again. Maybe even spun around a time or two!

The next time you see someone smirk when they are sitting all alone, or riding the bus, try to imagine they are thinking they are the size of a turtle and being picked up by a human who is flying the turtle through the air like a toy airplane.  I’ll bet you’ll smirk too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reason Why I'm Lovin It

I mentioned last week that I got a new job. Now let me share with you some reasons why this job, so far, is a match made in career heaven.

1. Travel planning. I might not get to go to these really cool locations that I'm making travel arrangements for, but I do get to do all the planning which is kind of a hobby of mine. Nerd, I know. Right now I just finalized a trip to Paris. This meant checking out hotels, playing on Bing and Google maps, putting together itineraries etc. I dare you to Bing map Paris. Bing map the Banana Republic in Paris, I'm just using it as a reference point because I zoomed past it the other day while browsing the streets of Paris and falling in love with everything I saw. The buildings, the people, everything! Next up is Singapore. Will that be the next destination I crave to visit?

Streets of Paris via Bing maps
2. I get business cards. That means I'm a big deal. I've been an Administrative Assistant for about 9 years now and have never been allowed to have business cards. Now it's a requirement. I can't wait to hand those babies out!

3. The view. It's totes the shiz ya'll and I do not lie about that. I've shared several pictures, but what's one more going to hurt?

4. On my welcome blurb sent out to my team I shared that I have a Yorkie. Everyone here has Yorkies! If it's not a Yorkie, it's a dog of some sort, but I kid you not, 4 people have told me they have Yorkies. Then we get to share stories and pictures because we don't have kids to talk about. This means people don't make fun of my dog-that's-not-a-dog-dog-because-its-so-small. They even think the name is cute and fitting for a small fur ball. Yorkie owners/lovers unite!

5. Finally, one of the best things about this position is that I'm not sitting at the front desk answering phones all day. Some days my phone doesn't even ring! When I met with the recruiter that found me this position I said the number one thing I dislike about being an admin is being tied to the phones. She came through and found what I believe to be the perfect job fit for me.